Networking Opportunities: Coworking provides clients access to other clients who through designed or accidental collisions can find synergy. Coworkers cite the #1 benefit of coworking is meeting people and developing relationships that truly help them grow their business.

Work Efficiency Improvements: Coworking spaces are designed to provide quiet areas for concentrated effort. That’s a hard commodity to find at home or other gathering spots. Coworkers report that the structure of the space and presence of peer professionals is motivation which enhances productivity.

Launch Pad for Learning New Skills: Coworking spaces offer business training opportunities and @theSquare is no exception. A program is being developed to offer topical programs, pitch nights, and innovation sessions.

Access to Amenities / Features: Coworking spaces offer office equipment, meeting space, and technology needed by today’s entrepreneur.

Cost Effectiveness: As a starting point, coworking spaces provide low cost space use and access to amenities which are impractical for a startup budget.

Flexibility: Clients in coworking spaces can adjust their cowork time to meet their schedule, not someone else’s. The spaces are available for early morning and late evening use to accommodate entrepreneurs who work while growing their business.