We choose to live in Cody because of the lifestyle it offers. Cody boasts many big city amenities without the traffic (our average commute is 12 minutes), noise and congestion. We choose to live where the stars are not only bright, but brilliant. We treasure this place where high speed communication merges with low speed lifestyle. We are happy to share this place, where climbing the ladder and climbing the mountain can (and does) happen in the same day!

Our community is growing at a steady rate.

Cody continues to flourish economically because of these quality of life benefits, but also because of the people it attracts.

  • Total Park County Population  –  30,518 (2022)

  • City of Cody Total Population  – 10,174 (2021)

  • Average Age – 43.7

  • Population Demographics – 49.9% Male | 50.1% Female

  • Median Household Income$63,145

  • Per Capita Income – $34,127

 “I find the quality of life here absolutely terrific.  It’s an extraordinarily safe community. Out here it just feels comfortable, safe, happy.”

Larry Patrick

  • Average Precipitation – 11.5 in

  • Average Sunshine – 300 Days/Year

  • Average July High/Low – 83.1F  |  54.1F

  • Average Jan High/Low – 35.4F  |  13.6F

  • Cody Elevation – 5,102 ft

  • Highest Point in County – 13,153 ft – Francs Peak

  • Lowest Point in County – 3,910 (approx.) ft – near Clark

Cody is beautiful!  The mountains and the flatlands and the whole juxtaposition of all the outdoor things here – it’s all very dramatic and beautiful.  “
Susan Patrick 

Our community continues to grow economically because of these quality of life benefits but also because of the people it attracts. Our residents are primarily seeking a lifestyle for themselves and their families.

  • Graduation Rate – 95%  |  National 84%

  • Student/Teacher Ratio – 12:1  |  National 16:1

  • Spent Per Student – $16,198 |  National $12,239

  • Average ACT Score: 25

  • District Enrollment: 2,071

With plenty of schooling options, and a community college just down the road, opportunities abound to raise a family in one of the safest places in the Rockies.

Our housing market is stable, and our community is growing.

On the surface, Cody may appear as a quaint little tourist town.  Dig deeper and you’ll find a connection between the people that choose to call Cody their home and their synergistic relationship with their surroundings. 

  • Average Home Price – $416,000

  • Gas Rates – Cody $0.54/therm  |  WY $0.60/therm  |  Nt’l $1.07/therm

  • Electric Rates – Cody $0.0793/kw hour  |  WY $0.0827/kw hour  |  Nt’l $0.1037/kw hour

“Coming to Cody is definitely affordable.  You can find yourself on the outskirts of a lot of space, or you can find yourself a nice little nook here in town for a reasonable price.”

Jesse Renfors

Cody Regional Health

Located in Cody, Wyoming, Cody Regional Health and it’s fleet serves as a primary, full-service medical center to Cody and surrounding communities throughout the Big Horn Basin.  You won’t need to travel for expert, award-winning medical services ranging from primary care, orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, and so much more.

  • 25- Bed Acute Care Facility

  • 94-Bed Long Term Care Center

  • 20-Bed Chemical Dependency Center

  • 8-Bedroom Hospice House

Additional Medical Services

In addition to Cody’s state of the art hospital, our community boasts over 23 additional medical services and facilities including but not limited to:

  • Walk In Clinics

  • Surgical Centers

  • Orthopedics

  • Cardiology

  • Ear, Nose, & Throat

  • Dental + Orthodontics

  • Neurological Services

  • Assisted Living/Hospice

  • Addiction Treatment

  • Mental Health Services

“Cody Regional Health is a great organization because of our deep-rooted culture embracing patient-centeredness from every level of the healthcare system. When people are the central focus, greatness can be achieved.”

Andrea McKay

Interested in living and working in Cody? Get in touch.