Did you know that Wyoming has the best business tax structure in the U.S?

No Corporate Taxes

No Personal State Income Tax

No Inventory Tax

Cody has an Opportunity Zone

Opportunity Cody was created to help match investors with viable properties located within the federally designated Opportunity Zone.  Cody’s OZ has an abundance of business properties available for immediate investment in on-going business ventures or for development.  

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In a very simplistic explanation, an individual with a capital gain from the sale of an appreciated asset is obligated to pay 23.8% in federal tax.  To spur the transfer of stagnant assets, the new tax law allows a deferral of capital gains taxes for up to 10 years, provided that you invest that gain in a business or business property in a designated Opportunity Zone.  Investments that remain for the full 10 years will see a reduction in their basis of 15%.  What that means is that $1 million gain, taxable at $238,000 today would actually be based on a value of $850,000 and approximately $202,000 in taxes.  This is effectively a 3.6% return on investment.  But it gets much better.  The appreciation of the new investment will not be taxed for capital gains at the end of the 10 years.

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted in 2017 has created an exciting opportunity for private investors in America.  This legislation was designed to stimulate long-term private investment in distressed areas throughout the country.
The opportunity zone legislation aims to incentivize private capital to accelerate economic activity in designated Opportunity Zones.  An Opportunity Zone, by definition, is an area which has high unemployment, high poverty rates, or low per capita income.  The area loosely defined as East Cody, east of Highway 120, is a designated Opportunity Zone.
The State of Wyoming has 25 Opportunity Zones chosen by the governor to improve economic vitality and support diversification efforts. Coupled with Wyoming’s favorable tax climate, investors will find Opportunity Zones in Wyoming a fruitful investment.  

Top Employers in Cody

  • Cody Regional Health, Medical – 700+ Employees
  • Cody School District, Education – 382 Employees
  • Walmart, Retail – 240 Employees
  • Blair Hotels, Accommodations – 240 Employees
  • Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Museum – 134 Employees
  • Y-Tex, Manufacturing – 125 Employees

Top Industries in Park County

  • Retail Trade, 1,899
  • Healthcare & Social Services, 1,413
  • Construction, 1,023
  • Teachers, 963
  • Manufacturing, 558
  • Public Administration, 552
  • Agriculture, 452
  • $45,500 – 2018 Average Compensation

  • 15,660 – Labor Force Park County

  • 5% – Average 5-Year Job Growth


Despite our remote, mountain feel, Cody’s accessibility and infrastructure rival any big city.  Whether your business requires freight-line transportation, or high-speed internet, Cody has it all.  When you have the views and the means, doing business here is a no-brainer.

Daily Freight Train from BNSF

Yellowstone Regional Airport Daily Flights via United Airlines

Chartered Flights by Choice Aviation

Billings Airport

WY 120 Belfry Highway to Montana

US 14/16/20 to Yellowstone National Park

US 14A to Powell, WY and Bighorn Mountains

US 212 to Beartooth Scenic Byway



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Wyoming is a Right to Work State

The State of Wyoming invests heavily in the development of a quality workforce.

Through the Department of Workforce Services, employers can access programs to train new and existing employees. These programs are designed to increase worker productivity, improve employee retention within companies and develop an overall higher quality labor pool. The program provides up to $4,000 for new hires and up to $2,000 for existing employees. More information on the program specifics can be found at the Department of Workforce Services.

Forward Cody will assist businesses in the development of workforce training plans and in completing applications for funding assistance.

More Than Just Workforce…

Wyoming boasts more than just a great tax structure and workforce. 

  • Abundant Natural Resources

  • Blockchain Bills

  • And so much more…

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