• LEADERS: We lead the effort of continued growth and success in Cody, Wy.

  • PROFESSIONALS: We are professionals in our industry and seek to share our knowledge in order to unify the efforts for economic support.

  • FACILITATORS: We are the facilitators in assisting new businesses to plan and establish their company and accomplish their goals.

  • ADVOCATES: We are the advocates for the improvement and impact of our community.

  • PARTNERS: We are partners with local businesses and municipalities so that we can offer needed resources to local and new businesses.


  • First-hand experiences from business owners and families in Cody, Wyoming.

  • Data, metrics and stats about living and working in Cody, Wyoming.

  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and business practices.

  • Event opportunities such as networking, conferences, and educational classes.

  • Business promotion and awareness.

  • Access to conference and meeting rooms.

  • Exclusive insights and hands-on participation opportunities for Forward Cody’s projects.

Wyoming’s #4 Safest City


Most Beautiful City in WY


Most Business-Friendly Tax Climate


Just outside of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming’s high plains and Montana’s border – Cody consistently ranks as the best location in the region for business, outdoor lifestyle and a great place to raise a family.

We choose to live where the stars are not only bright, but brilliant. We treasure this place where high speed communication merges with low speed lifestyle. We are happy to share this place, where climbing the ladder and climbing the mountain can (and does) happen in the same day!

Did you know that Cody is in an Opportunity Zone?

Every state has opportunity zones, but only Wyoming couples these federal advantages with state incentives like no personal or corporate income tax and low sales and property taxes.