Just over a year ago, our Cody Living article spoke about the concept of a thinking of a 10-foot circle and the need to positively impact those who came within our circle. Who would have thought that a few months later, we’d get a government mandate to stay 6 feet apart?

But last year’s nationwide “pause” on gatherings and human contact has engendered an even greater need to reach out and connect with people. The pandemic really took a toll on our social well-being and makes the topic of this month’s article even more relevant.

Each year that goes by leaves us missing those who pass. Each of us have special family friends or acquaintances who left this world during the pandemic. Their passing at this time prevented them from having a well-deserved funeral of memorial farewell. I don’t know about you, but that leaves me feeling a bit empty.

Another thing leaves me feeling that same way is losing an acquaintance, and then, after they are gone, realizing what you knew of them was only surficial. So, for all we have lost – Hank, Marty, Jack, Jim, and all the rest on my list … here is a short tribute.

The Story

It gave me some pause, to read that short bit,

in that newspaper story they call the Obit.

It filled me with wonder and also regret,

while filling in pieces I hadn’t known yet.

As we roll through our life, there are people we meet,

we say “Hi” and “How are you?” and then stroll down the street.

Like the puddles we pass, here today gone tomorrow,

so are these people, who now give us sorrow.

So, I read their short story, their final farewell,

and I think to myself, now why didn’t I tell,

of the traits I admired, or the strength that they showed,

of the things that they learned on their well-travelled road.

We make the mistake of not listening with care,

of the many great teachings, they were able to share.

Now, their voice has gone quiet, their absence leaves a hole,

but their memories will linger in the depths of our soul.

The wonder that I have – is that I’ve failed to see,

the incredible person that they came to be.

The regret that I feel is the chance that I lost,

to have known them much better, no matter the cost.

Whether it was time or the distance that kept me away,

those reasons don’t matter, especially today.

 For I’ve missed the chance to know more than a name,

for reading their life story is just not the same.

Join me in learning more about those we know and those we think we know.  Don’t let their life story be your introduction.