Last week, Forward Cody hosted their Annual Membership Dinner at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.  

Board Chairman Bruce Sauers introduced the Honorable Governor Mark Gordon as our special keynote speaker. The Governor recapped the recently completed legislative session and expressed optimism for Wyoming’s future. We appreciate his continued leadership in economic development efforts for the state of Wyoming. It was an honor to have him share his support and advocacy for what we have done for our community.

We were pleased to welcome Complete Human co-founder Evan DeMarco to discuss their recent acquisition of the Wyoming Legacy Meats company. Complete Human is a nutrition company marketing an array of products to improve health. Their intent is to market protein products to a market who is very conscious of their food, its source and its quality.  Evan and his team consisting of Janna Breslin, Olav Sandnes and AJ Richard will become known faces in the community as they put their plans into action. We are excited to partner with them in their newest endeavor as they bring to life their plans. 

Forward Cody CEO and President James Klessens, recognized several special people who have provided tremendous service to Forward Cody. Included in the list of up the list of honorees was: 

Fred Bronnenberg, long time Board Member, Vice Chairman and Chairman.  

Loren Grosskopf, Former County Commissioner Board member and Treasurer.   

James Blair, Board member and outgoing Board Chairman. 

Leslie Brumage, Financial Services Director for the City of Cody and an instrumental player in funding side of many of our projects. 

 The night was filled with many smiles and much laughter.  It was great getting people back together after a short reprieve. We appreciate our members for their continued support and advocacy in all our efforts. We look forward to continuing the journey with you.

Are you interested in becoming a member? We’ve launched a new membership tier for those who want to show support for Forward Cody but are not quite ready to commit to a full membership. Becoming a FOLLOWER allows you to support our efforts and stay in touch with what we’re doing.  

Call or visit us today to learn more about our membership benefits and how you can get involved with Forward Cody.  

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