• Lose heart or give up – stay uninformed and in the dark and worry about the future
  • Question Why? Spend hours watching the talking heads on TV tell you who’s at fault and why. And of course, believe them!
  • Grumble and Complain – Yep, that always makes you feel better and solves pretty much everything. It surely will lighten the spirit of those around you.
  • Indulge in Self Pity – As you are the only one affected, make sure you focus on all that you are losing in this crisis… because it’s all about you.


  • Have hope! Tomorrow, next week, next month will be better.
  • If you’re a scientist, yes, question how this happened and seek answers. If not, focus on what you will do when it passes.
  • Call an old friend, relative or neighbor. Make a renewed connection! Focus on the good times and not this small fraction of your life.
  • Consider how other people are in much more dire situations than you – there is always someone who has greater problems than you.
  • Choose this time to read a book, write a letter, play music, or look at old photo albums. We all complain that we don’t have time to do these things. Now we do!