There are thousands of tests available to analyze your quality of life, ranging from surveys of hundreds of questions to sessions costing thousands of dollars. These tests hold value in their analysis, but in a very practical sense, isn’t our quality of life basically our perception about how things are? When we identify those components which we perceive as good and bad, we are given the opportunity to change them. Think about your quality of life in the following questions for attributes that are internal and external.


Do I have family that is close by or I have a close connection to? (phone, social media, or email)

Do I have friends whom I talk with, meet with, or communicate regularly?

Do I have a job which allows me to be among people?

Is my job something I love doing?

Do I belong to a group or organization outside my home? (church, civic club, etc.)

Am I in good health?

Do I get enough sleep and enough to eat?

Do I have little to worry about?

Do I participate in a sport, game, or hobby that I enjoy?


Am I able to be outside, at least part of every day?

Can I see, hear, smell, or feel the sun, snow, wind, or rain?

Does the sight of the sun breaking on the horizon or setting at twilight make me stop in awe?

Have I been on a walk, a bike ride, or a drive in the past month?

Have I visited my church, lodge (VFW, Elks, etc.), or civic club recently?

Have I been to the library, the movies, or watched a video lately?

Have I been to a restaurant or coffee shop in the past month?

Have I been to the Museum, the Arts Guild, or a gallery in the last month?

There is no science to this test.  Your score is your perception of how you believe you are. We each get to choose whether we feel good or bad – no gradation, just a smile or a frown. It’s important because that attitude is pervasive to those around us. Cody’s Quality of Life is made magnificent by our surroundings. It’s made amazing by the people who live here. Be a part of the Amazing!