So, the dust has settled. Things are back to normal – as much as they can be called normal. But I’m behind. Really behind.

Do any of these thoughts cross your mind as we roll directly from winter into summer? If you’re like most, the past 60 plus days of hunkering down have added an unwelcome host of problems for you to address. Problems like a shorter business season, lost reservations or bookings and the uncertainty of the ability to derive enough cash flow to survive another winter. Don’t feel alone. Many Cody and Park County business owners are contemplating these issues into the wee hours of the night.

Stressful situations evoke a fight or flight response which can be both destructive and instructive at the same time. It’s destructive if we succumb to anger and frustrations. Though understandable, an anger response typically elicits a like response. You lash out at someone, they lash back. If you try to ignore a problem; it simply grows bigger. During these times, we would do well to measure our reaction, and each set a path forward to work through this crisis.

So how do I set my path? First, it’s important to recognize that you aren’t alone. Others have similar issues, and if you pay attention, you might find others who have it a whole lot worse. Dwelling on the magnitude of your problem won’t make it better – Dwelling on solutions will. Remember that eating an elephant can only be done one bite at a time. And frankly, it goes faster with a little help.

It’s been said that problems are never solved at the level in which they’re created. That’s a clever way of saying that you should not take this on by yourself! Our area is fortunate to have an array of assets that can help you sort through your list of issues. Here are a few things that Forward Cody has been working on that may provide some help you.

One-on-One Technical Assistance – Forward Cody has access to a variety of tools to help you sort through your list – in interest of making your business stronger. In these one on one meetings, we can look at your list of issues, and work with you to try to address them. That may mean pointing you to a specific program or possibly another agency. We often send people to take advantage of the University of Wyoming- Small Business Development Center’s expertise. SBDC Director Bruce Morse has a wealth of knowledge in business and business finance that he loves to share. And Bruce, like us, will point you to other help if he feels the need to do so.

Meet Ups – Though quiet for a while, each month, a group of business minded thinkers have been meeting at TiltShift to talk about business matters. This informal setting allows entrepreneurs to meet, grow their network and learn about topics of interest.

Business Education and Training – Throughout the year, classes and workshops are held on a variety of business topics. Forward Cody works with Northwest College, the Wyoming Business Council, the SBDC, and the Chamber to identify relevant topics. We’re working with a new partner now to offer regular short courses in entrepreneurship –more info on that topic to come!!! If additional topics are needed – please contact us and we’ll work on putting something together!

Coworking Space – Coworking spaces are part of the natural progression of a start-up business. Businesses that start in a spare bedroom migrate to the coffee shop, then a shared workspace and ultimately to a leased office space. Coworking spaces provide tenants the ability to have professional space with some services at a reasonable cost. A coworking space is in place on Big Horn Avenue and by 2021, another will open in the Bank of the West building downtown.

Your response to the mound of issues should be to assemble a team of people – professionals, associates, and colleagues to work through each problem. Take advantage of the resources available and forge ahead!