Local Leadership – Every community is directed and driven by leadership – formal and informal. Our local government establishes the policy that enables or limits growth as the formal leader. Informal leaders in the form of boards, committees and the citizenry help manage and shape that policy through their interactions. Little can happen without community engagement.

Infrastructure – Foundational to any company is core public infrastructure. As development follows infrastructure, failing to grow infrastructure is failing to grow your community.

Workforce Development – It’s impossible to grow business without people. Workforce development means not only having people available, but people with the skills necessary for business success.

Quality of Life – We have it and are fortunate for that fact. But having it and keeping it are a different matter.

Existing Business Development – All business growth should hinge on growing what you have. Over 80% of all job creation in American comes from businesses already in your community.

Entrepreneur Development – Entrepreneurs are the spark plug to a local economy. They set the stage for economic vibrancy and challenge other businesses to do the same. Rising tides do lift all ships.

Business Recruitment – Bringing new companies to town is most successful when the community has successfully nurtured the other Building Blocks. It occurs as companies realize that the story” is right for them and a move is warranted. There is no “Field of Dreams” for business – you have it, or you don’t.


It’s a cycle.    So, you’ve recruited a company or expanded a local business. Guess what? Their impact trickles through the entire stack of Blocks. Now the community has to address each individual Block again, recognizing the changes and rebuilding that Block.