JUST BREATHE – YOU’LL IMMEDIATELY FEEL BETTER – Being conscious of how we breathe and what we do can help us live in the moment and take stock of everything, allowing us to find our center much more easily.

SLEEP MORE TO FEEL BETTER TOMORROW – Finding your center is all about your optimal conditions, experiment with your amount of sleep until you find the right amount for you.

ORGANIZE FOR PEACE OF MIND AND EFFICIENCY – Clearing the decks and having a bit of structure in your life can be a boon to helping you find and channel your best self at your core.

LOSE YOURSELF IN MUSIC – Finding that perfect song for that perfect moment is something we’ve all experienced at least once and which, believe me, can induce the kind of calm and serenity that you need.

NEVER STOP READING – We should never, ever stop reading and people who do are kind of missing out on all the wonderful, amazing, inspiring things to be found in books and articles and magazines and whatever you choose as your medium.

BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING YOU CAN – The fact is that having hope and a passion and a true belief in something roots you in something solid and it grounds you.

LOOK FOR THE GOOD IN ALL THINGS – There is so much in the world that is good and worthwhile and worth celebrating that focusing on the good in the world and actively searching for the great and the wonderful can not only center yourself; it can make you appreciate life a hell of a lot more.

MEDITATE DAILY TO RELAX – Finding your center is about letting all the miscellaneous fall away, all the unnecessary parts of our lives that we don’t need in that moment, and just letting ourselves emerge through the quiet and serenity that meditating can provide.